evaluate your budget and healthcare needs to find the right Medicare plan for you

3 Quick Tips for Finding the Right Medicare Plan

Once you have determined what your healthcare needs and budget are, you can compare Medicare plans within your region to find the best coverage available. Speak with a licensed expert for the help you need at (833) 733-8328.

1) Evaluate Your Anticipated Healthcare Spending

The first step in choosing a Medicare plan is taking a look at your healthcare needs:

  • Do you have frequent outpatient visits? 
  • Are you regularly taking prescription medications? 
  • Do you rely on durable medical equipment? 
  • Do you wear glasses or contacts or wear hearing aids? 
  • Do you visit the dentist twice a year? 
  • Do you travel outside the country?

Understanding your Medicare benefits is another crucial component here. Do you know what is and isn’t covered under Original Medicare? Are you aware that dental, vision, hearing, and prescription drug coverage are not included under Medicare Part A and Part B? Did you know that Medicare only covers you inside the United States and its territories, except under specific circumstances?

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Thinking about these things will help you understand your healthcare needs, and therefore your anticipated healthcare spending. This may help you decide if a Medicare Supplement makes sense for your situation or whether you should choose a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan or merely Original Medicare with Medicare Part D added.

2) Evaluate Your Budget

The next most important is your monthly budget. We understand that as someone who likely has a fixed income, you will need to make your insurance decisions wisely. Not everyone has the budget to pay for a Medicare Supplement with comprehensive coverage. Then again, not everyone can afford to pay the Medicare Part A deductible.

With your finances in mind, consider which plans may be the most cost-effective for you and your healthcare needs.

3) Search in Your Region

Medicare plans are available based on your region. You must live within the plan’s service area and be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B to sign up for one of these plans.

Medicare Advantage plans use networks of healthcare providers in your area to bring you lower prices. Medicare Part D plans often prefer that you use specific regional pharmacies to fill your prescriptions. Medicare Supplement plans are also available based on your region. Don’t worry, though—if you move, you’ll qualify for a special enrollment period to sign up for new Medicare coverage.

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Compare Plans with an Expert!

Once you know what your healthcare needs are and what you can afford, you can compare the benefits and prices of plans in your area. Look to an expert for help if you need it. At Medicare Detectives, we have the tools and resources to effectively search and find you the right coverage for the right price. Contact us today for personalized assistance.